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Making the Connections – Delivering Beyond Boundaries: Transforming Public Services in Wales

Author: Welsh Assembly Government 2006

This paper sets out the actions Welsh Assembly Government will take, in the light of the Review of Local Service Delivery (the Beecham Report), to accelerate progress towards their goal of transforming the way in which public services are delivered and the experience of everyone who uses them.

Manifestos of political parties 2007 scanned for key words ‘Youth’ and ‘Young People’

Author: Unknown 2007

The Manifestos of the main parties in the Welsh Assembly Elections 2007 have been scanned using the key words ‘Youth’ and ‘Young People’

Milestones in the Development of Youth Work

Author: John Rose, Wales Youth Agency 1997
Chronological list of milestones in the development of youth work from 1700s to 1996

Minister for Education Wales, speech to CYWU Conference, May 2001

Author: Welsh Assembly Government 2001

Text of speech by Minister for Education Wales (Jane Davidson) to national CYWU conference held in Plymouth where she outlined the National Assembly for Wales' plans to improve services for young people through the policy 'Extending Entitlement'.

Monmouthshire Supervision Handbook

Author: Monmouthshire Youth Service 2004

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same. Planning, Policies and Participation?

Author: MJ Howells, S Mason, A Donald 1994