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Teenage Consumer Spending in 1959

Author: Mark Abrams, National Youth Bureau 1987

Part of the National Youth Bureau series 'twelve documents of historical importance'. Teenage Consumer Spending 1959 Unmarried young people between the ages of 15 and 25

Teenage Consumer Spending in 1959 Cym



The Case for Maintaining Current Levels of Expenditure on the Youth Service – a briefing paper

Author: Doug Jones, Mid Glamorgan Youth Service 1993

Briefing paper outlining a legislation case, educational case and community case for local authorities to provide a Youth Service

The Challenge of Youth: Circular 1516

Author: National Youth Bureau 1982

The Challenge of Youth Circular 1516, 27th June 1940 From the Government Board of Education 

The Challenge of Youth: Circular 1516 Cym


The Coherent Route – Background

Author: Wales Youth Agency 2002

The Collective Training Needs of The Voluntary Youth Work Sector in Wales

Author: Terry Ryall, CWVYS 2001

A report on the  Welsh voluntary youth work sector's collective training needs . Covers: skills, training, opportunities;  the development requirements necessary for the challenges of Extending Entitlement  & engaging with those not currently reached.

The Conflicted Practitioner

Author: Nicholas Hudd, 2017
Short paper by Nicholas Hudd, reflecting on the role of practitioners in shaping and promoting youth work and asking whether more could be done.

The Contribution Made to the Youth Service by the Interests and Activities of Part-Time Youth Workers

Author: MJ Howells, A Donald 1992

Report on a survey on the leisure pursuits/interests of part-time youth workers and their influence on youth service activities and provision. Part of WYA occasional papers 'Newsline' series.

The contribution of youth work to the Programme for Government in Wales

Author: Youth Work Alliance Wales 2013

This paper seeks specifically to identify the broader Welsh Government (WG) policies and demonstrate where and how youth work does/can make a significant contribution to the achievement of those policies by improving the life chances of young people aged 11-25. It is not the purpose of this paper to identify new areas or scope of operation for youth work, but to highlight the role it currently undertakes, as a specific form of work with young people, in contributing to and complementing WG policy.

The strands that make up Programme for Government consist of the following:

  • Growth and Sustainable Jobs
  • Public Services
  • 21st Century Healthcare
  • Education
  • Supporting People
  • Welsh Homes
  • Safer Communities
  • Equality
  • Tackling Poverty
  • Rural Communities
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Culture & Heritage of Wales