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Pobl Ifanc a Chymdeithas – Darlith Goffa Arthur Mellows 1962


Handbook – Youth Work Apprenticeships

Author: CWVYS, various authors 2012

Between 2009-2011 CWVYS was commissioned by the Welsh Government to facilitate the research and publishing of Youth Work Methodology Handbooks or best practice guides for youth workers in Wales. CWVYS facilitated this work by bringing together voluntary youth organisations and maintained local authority youth services. This document is part of a library of Good Practice Methodology Handbooks for Youth Work in Wales. 

Apprenticeships in Wales help to inspire success in the individual and bring huge benefits to the workplace.

Young people grow up in an ever more complex world, facing an often confusing array of choices and issues as they progress towards adulthood. This makes youth work an increasingly sophisticated workplace in which to be involved in the contemporary world. An Apprenticeship in Youth Work is about; helping young people fulfil their potential through personal and social development; And providing young people with challenges and new experiences, whilst allowing them to be creative, active and have fun – all part of an informal and non-formal educational approach that helps young people to develop their own voice and identity.  

[CWVYS does not represent that the information contained in the handbook is accurate, comprehensive, verified or complete, and shall accept no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this website or for any reliance placed by any person on the information.] 

History of the Boys’; Club Movement in Wales – Timeline 28-08

Clubs for Young People in Wales, 2009

The History of the YMCA in Wales 1852-1972

Author: William Jones Pate

Key Youth Service Events 1979-1999 Cym

Author: Bernard Davies, National Youth Agency 1999

1486 and All That – A partial and sketchy account of how the Youth Service got where it is today

Author: Carl Redman c1980s

Adolescents and Society – The Arthur Mellows Lecture 1962

Author: National Youth Bureau 1982

Adolescents and Society By James Hemming Phd The Arthur Mellows Lecture 1962. Part of a pack of significant documents relating to the origins and development of youth work.  Of particular value to policy makers, trainers and students.

Factors Influencing the Development of Youth Work

Author: Unknown
Paper discussing the early developments of youth work.

Welsh Association of Further Education and Youth Service Officers – historical note

Author: Welsh Association of Further Education and Youth Service Officers 1978

Historical Development of the Youth Service – Early Developments of Youth Work

Author: John Rose, Wales Youth Agency 1997