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Career Pack h: Appendices

Author: CWVYS &Promo Cymru 2008

Youth work career pack produced for the Welsh Assembly Government by the Council for Wales of Voluntary Services (CWVYS) and Promo Cymru. 

The Appendices provide summary versions of the Youth Work Curriculum Statement for Wales, and the Youth Work National Occupational Standards, useful contacts and more information on training, pay scales and organisations engaged in training and workforce development. Information on awards for young people and references are also contained in the appendices.

Career Pack i: Young People’s Booklet

CWVYS &Promo Cymru 2008

Challenges and opportunities for Youth Workers in Wales

Author: John Rose, 2018
Paper which explores how the Youth Service can survive and prosper in an alien environment.

Children and Young People: A Framework for Partnership

Author: Welsh Assembly Government 2000

Document which describes all of the Welsh Assembly Government programmes which impact on the lives of children and young people, in the context of the aims and priorities in Assembly's strategic plan, Better Wales. It sets out the principles which should underpin provision for children, with reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and based on relevant legislation, particularly the Human Rights Act 1998. It proposes a way in which all of the local partners who provide services for children and young people can work together in an integrated framework, designed to meet the needs of children rather than those of service providers. It places at the centre of this activity the requirement to listen and respond to the views of children and young people themselves.

Children in Trouble

Author: Home Office 1968
In August 1965 the government published a white paper "The child, the family and the young offender" in order to invite discussion of possible measures to support the family, forestall and reduce delinquency and revise the law and practice relating to young offenders in England and Wales.

This report sets out the reforms which the government proposed to introduce and were presented to Parliament in April 1968.

Code of Occupational Ethics for the Youth Service in Wales 2012

Author: ETS Wales &YMCA Wales Community College 2012

Code of occupational ethics for the Youth Service in Wales. A code of ethics is a set of principles of conduct within an organisation that guide decision making and behaviour. The purpose of this code is to provide Youth Service workers with guidelines for making ethical choices in the conduct of their work.

Cognitive Skills to Underpin Non-formal Learning

Author: Alun Davies, STYLE Training 2011

Laying the Foundation for the Framework to Evaluate and Assess Non Formal Learning. Background to development of a Non Formal Learning Framework

Coherent Route diagram 2001

Author: Wales Youth Agency 2001

Illustration of youth work  training opportunities available in Wales.

Community Education – Keynote address by Alan Higgins HMI, 1987

Author: Alan Higgins HMI 1987

Community Education – Keynote Address 1. Community education embraces the Process of making possible, and encouraging, the expression of educational needs by the less well educated part of society as well as those who are better "educationally experienced". Community education - and hence community development - focuses increasingly on adult and youth and community groups developing "awareness" and the necessary democratic and social skills to take successful action on their own behalf. It …

Curriculum or collaboration?

Author: Howard Williamson 1990

Article which discusses the potential implications of a proposed national curriculum for youth work.