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Social Inclusion and the Youth Service in Wales: The Way Forward

Author: Wales Youth Agency 2000

Speaking notes CWVYS AGM 2016

Author: John Rose

Speaking notes from John Rose who gave the keynote speech at the 2016 CWVYS AGM.

Standards for the Maintained Youth Service in Wales (draft)

Author: Wales Youth Agency 2005

This draft document was produced by the Principal Youth Officers of Wales (PYOG) with the support of the Wales Youth Agency (WYA) to encourage Local Authority Youth Services to introduce these standards in the context of their total resource allocation.

The document identifies an agreed set of standards for Youth Service provision, which are designed to promote young people’s social development and personal achievement within the economic and social policy agenda of the Welsh Assembly Government. It should complement other standards to secure effective policy for young people across various services. In particular they underpin those of ESTYN in respect of the quality and outcomes of the work of the Youth Service.  Locally agreed standards may improve on these minimum national standards.

[The document remains draft as it was not formally adopted at it's publication due to the financial implications for local authorities in meeting these standards.] 



Starting from Strengths Seminar

Author: Wales Youth Work Partnership 1986

Report of Seminar organised jointly by the Wales Youth Work Partnership and the Council for Education and Training in Youth and Community Work at the Pencerrig Hotel,  Powys in 1986.

The aim of the seminar was to explore the central ideas within the report 'Starting from Strengths' and their application in practice. 'Starting from Strengths' is the report of the panel to promote the continuing development of training for part-time and voluntary youth and community workers and is published by the National Youth Bureau.

Starting from Strengths Seminar summary

Author: Wales Youth Work Partnership 1986

Starting from Strengths. In mid-December the Wales Youth Work Partnership and the Council for the Training of Youth and Community Workers (CETYCW) organised a one-day seminar to look at new approaches to part-time youth worker training. What follows is a brief summary of that day and a few reflections on how developments in part-time youth worker training would affect those who have a duty to deliver or provide such training in Wales. 

Straight and True – The Story of the Swansea Boys Club from the 1930s to the 1960s

Author: John Barber date unknown

Senior club members participated in the organisation of club life by monitoring the progress of new club members and making recommendations to the senior committee as to whether the young probationers should become full club members. The Variety Club of Great Britain was particularly generous to the Swansea Boys Club. The policy of the Local Education Authority was to provide mixed youth clubs and the Club became officially known as the ‘Swansea Boys and Girls Club’.

Strategies for Intervention: An Approach to Youth & Community Work in an Area of Social Deprivation (Summary Report)

Author: Dr Howard Williamson and Kaye Weatherspoon, University College Cardiff 1985

Shorter summary of a lengthy and detailed report on the Ely Youth and Community Project arising from evaluation of its work during a two and a half year research study. The report aims to highlight the issues concerning policy, practice, provision and research which appear to be the most central messages to be shared with the wider field. It is hoped that this report will still provoke serious discussion and thought amongst policy makers, practitioners and students alike (and indeed anyone concerned with working with young people) from both within and outside the youth and community field. The research was prompted both by demands from fieldworkers in Ely and by a wider concern within Wales over a number of years about the need to develop more collaborative inter-agency approaches to working with young people and the community.

Stronger Partnerships for Better Outcomes

Author: National Assembly for Wales 2006

Guidance on Local Co-operation under the Children Act 2004. National Assembly for Wales Circular No: 35/2006
Date of Issue: August 2006

Summary of national policy for the provision of services to young people in Wales 1844-2020

Author: John Rose, 2020
This paper provides an overview of policy at UK, national and local level, determining how services to young people in Wales will be developed and delivered. This does not intend to examine government policy in any depth. Rather, it intends to provide a broad overview as a means of providing a foundation for further investigation.

Summer Scheme Application & Evaluation Report

Author: Darrel Williams, 2005
Application and evaluation report of a two-week summer scheme project carried out in Neath Port Talbot in 2005, providing challenging, high quality diversionary activities for young people aged 11-19yrs.

Report covers: aims and objectives; full programme; costings; and evaluation.