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The Training Needs of Principal Youth Officers

Author: Alison Shotbolt, Wales Youth Agency 2002

This report details the results of an audit of training needs relating to Local Authority Principal Youth Officers in Wales. It draws on needs identified by Officers themselves and a consideration of the policy context of current services that frames the developmental needs of those services.

The Training of Part-time Youth Leaders and Assistants (the Bessey Report)

Author: HMSO 1962

In July 1961, the Minister set up a working party under the chairmanship of Mr. G. S. Bessey to consider the nature of the training which should be available to part-time youth leaders and assistants, both paid and voluntary, and to advise on the best ways of arranging such training. Their report, published in July 1962, took one stage further the study of the youth leader's job, and suggested a minimum professional skill needed, whether the leader worked full-time or part-time. The report identified a common element in the training required by part-time leaders of youth groups of all kinds, and recommended that local education authorities and local voluntary bodies should jointly organise basic courses incorporating this common element of training.

Too Old to be Young – 1. Why Work With Young Adults Anyway?

Author: National Association of Youth Clubs

Background material to inform a series of local debates, open discussion and action on work with the over 18's.

Too Old to be Young – 2. The Needs of the Young Adult

Author: National Association of Youth Clubs

Background material to inform a series of local debates, open discussion and action on work with the over 18's.

Towards an Outcomes and Impact Approach for the Youth Sector in Wales

Author: Rob Norris, CWVYS 2013

This paper seeks to provide a conceptual framework for answering two questions raised by the Welsh Government: what does the Welsh Government get for the funding it provides for the youth service (statutory and voluntary) and to what extent does the use of that funding help to achieve key objectives such as reductions in the number of young people not in education, training or employment. 

Training and Services for Girls of 14-16. Circular 1630

Author: National Youth Bureau 1982

Training and Service for Girls of 14-16 Circular 1630 May 1943. Part of a pack of significant documents relating to the origins and development of youth work.  Of particular value to policy makers, trainers and students.

Training Review 2005

Author: Chris Gregory, Wales Youth Agency 2005

Report of research undertaken by the Wales Youth Agency incorporating an audit of youth sector training across the 22 local authorities in Wales.

The research consultancy operated from 2nd March 2005 to 24th March 2005, 8 days total consultancy time.

The purpose of this audit was to gather information on youth-work training taking place across Wales and, where possible, identify venue and course details.  Data collected was to be used to assist in resource and information sharing, offering enhancement of existing partnerships and opportunities to develop economies-of-scale and best practice.  Additionally the process offered an overall “snapshot” of current youth sector training activity, and allowed respondents to provide any other information relevant to the review.