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Milestones in the Development of Youth Work

Author: John Rose, Wales Youth Agency 1997
Chronological list of milestones in the development of youth work from 1700s to 1996

On Behalf of the South Wales Collier Boy – Youth and Leisure in the Mining Valleys of Mid Glamorgan

Author: Capt J Glynne-Jone, Boys' Clubs of Wales 1929

Paper produced for the Welsh School of Social Science which describes the work of the Boys' Clubs of Wales.


Straight and True – The Story of the Swansea Boys Club from the 1930s to the 1960s

Author: John Barber date unknown

Senior club members participated in the organisation of club life by monitoring the progress of new club members and making recommendations to the senior committee as to whether the young probationers should become full club members. The Variety Club of Great Britain was particularly generous to the Swansea Boys Club. The policy of the Local Education Authority was to provide mixed youth clubs and the Club became officially known as the ‘Swansea Boys and Girls Club’.

Service by Youth

Author: Department of Education and Science, HMSO 1966
Service by Youth Report of a committee of the Youth Service Development Council December 1965

Teenage Consumer Spending in 1959

Author: Mark Abrams, National Youth Bureau 1987

Part of the National Youth Bureau series 'twelve documents of historical importance'. Teenage Consumer Spending 1959 Unmarried young people between the ages of 15 and 25

Key Youth Service Events to 1979

Author: Bernard Davies, National Youth Agency 1999

Timeline of key Youth Services events from 1844-1979

Key Youth Service Events 1979-1999

Author: Bernard Davies, National Youth Agency 1999

Timeline of key Youth Service events from 1979-1999

The Yanks are Coming

Author: Bert Jones 2006

Welsh Association of Youth Clubs – Mobile Youth Unit 1977-1980

Author: Dennis Frost, WAYC c1980s

Report of initiative to provide mobile provision to rural areas of Wales.

Youth Work in Wales – open letter from Bert Jones

Author: Bert Jones 2006