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TAG Seminar Carmarthen: Young People, Resilience and Well-being – Nick Hudd

Author: Nick Hudd, UWTSD 2018
One in a series of seven UK-wide policy and practice seminars in 2018 organised by TAG, the Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work. This seminar, held in UWTSD Carmarthen, focussed on the topic of resilience and well-being with inputs from Nick Hudd, John Rose and Darrel Williams.

Using reflective practice models to evaluate own performance

Author: Kevin Roberts, Glyndwr University 2018

MA student assignment for the module Mastering Professional Learning.

"Using a reflective model of practice critically evaluate your own performance within your professional setting. This should include a critical evaluation of your practice together with learning opportunities and assessment you have provided."

Influences on Creativity in Youth Work

Author: Darrell Williams, UWTSD 2015

Short paper looking at the principles of creativity and how these can enable the practitioner to work with the young person, using a process of experiential learning through which they can seek solutions to problems with which they may require some adult support.

Can we really track and measure the journey undertaken by young people?

Author: Alun Davies, STYLE Training 2015

Short paper to open up a wider debate on the process required to measure the journey taken by the young people, in particular those involved with the different youth work sectors. Considers whether there would be a means by which these tasks and activities could be categorised by using a non-formal Learning Framework. To assist this, a visual interpretation of the structure and principles of the Learning Framework have been developed into a 'Learning Tower'. 

The Level of Voluntary Sector Service Provision in South East Newport

Author: Christine Thomas, University of South Wales 2014

MA Dissertation.

The purpose of the study was to determine the level of voluntary sector service provision for children, young people and families in South East Newport and to seek to identify any gaps in that provision. The study was undertaken as an internship within the Families First programme in Newport supported by the One Newport Local Service Board (LSB). The results will inform the LSB’s Neighbourhood Working Model.

Therefore this study, which is limited to provision relating only to children, young people and families in the geographical area of South East Newport (comprising the wards of Alway, Ringland and Lliswerry) presents the findings of an audit of voluntary sector provision within those limitations.

In order to address the key objectives of the research a combination of surveys, semi-structured interviews and focus groups was conducted between June and October 2013. Questionnaires were administered to two groups: service providers and residents in the pilot area. Three focus groups were conducted with adults, whilst 20 focus groups were conducted with 189 children and young people between the ages of 4 and 15 years from schools across the pilot area. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with adults at Summer Fun Day events.

It was concluded that a substantial level of service provision already exists in the pilot area, but that there are gaps in provision and barriers to access which need to be addressed. Despite this, enthusiasm to participate was high and should be encouraged. There could be merit in exploring the potential of the themes which emerged in an attempt to nurture this interest in engagement. The study confirms the need to increase the range and level of service provision in South East Newport and that children, young people and families would benefit from improvements and enhancements to existing services. 

An Investigation into the impact the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework (YEPF) has had on Cardiff Youth Service

Author: Dayle Luce, University of Wales Trinity Saint David 2015

BA Youth & Community Work Dissertation.

The aim of this study is to investigate the impact the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework (WG, 2013) has had on Cardiff Youth Service in relation to structures, systems, staff, style, skills, strategies and shared values identified through the McKenzie 7's framework.

In order to gain an in-depth understanding the literature presented within the literature review explored the developments of the Youth Service in Wales and strategies set out to provide vision for the service. The study later discusses the methodology used which set out to gather the views and opinions of practitioners through conducting observations, and two semi structured interviews.

The study concluded that the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework had significant impact on the service which may be seen as a positive . It provides vision for the service, however, it may be argued that Youth Work values and principles are diminished.

Evaluation of Afon Youth Forum’s Housing Project in Torfaen

Author: Sam Notley, University of Wales Newport 2013
BA (Hons) Youth & Community Work Dissertation.

To monitor and evaluate the Afon Youth Forum's alternative housing project in Torfaen to ensure it meets the needs and aspirations of the young people it works with.

Refugee Inclusion Strategy – its Impact on Integration in Newport

Author: Efrem Mengisteab, University of Newport 2013

BA dissertation which examined the impact of the 2008 Refugee Inclusion Strategy of Wales on the integration of young asylum seekers and refugees aged between 16 and 25, living in Newport City. The study explored the young people’s own perception of integration, and their experience and challenges throughout the process in relation to social and youth provisions. Qualitative methodology was adopted as the best approach for this study in order to explore experiences, emotions and feelings as well as identifying problems. Interviews were conducted with fourteen young asylum seekers and refugees in order to address the research topic.

Despite the fact that the youth service has a responsibility to deliver services as stated in the Refugee Inclusion Strategy, and despite the fact that effective youth service plays a significant role in promoting young people’s educational, personal and social development in every aspect, this study finds that the majority of the participants did not have knowledge or experience of youth work delivered by the youth service in Newport City. Some related youth work was facilitated by voluntary groups to support this vulnerable group of people. The Newport Youth Service needs to reach out to these disadvantaged young people with greater awareness and understanding to ensure inclusion for sustainable integration.   

Groupwork: its contribution to reducing oppression

Author: Danny King, University of Wales Trinity Saint David 2013

Student assigment which aims to discuss whether or not group work, as a key youth work process, can make an effective contribution to reducing oppression. The author contextualises this discussion through examining theory with regards to: the importance of attaining a critical understanding and commitment to equality and diversity; the key principles and values of youth work with regards to professional practice and interventions; the role of group work and group processes in professional practice; and, being able to manage conflict and challenge prejudice and oppression within groups.

How Effectively Does the Youth Service Respond to the Needs of Young Parents Living in Rural Wales?

Author: Cath Wilson, Trinity Saint David University 2012

BA(Hons) Youth & Community Work dissertation which considers how effectively the Youth Service responds to the needs of young parents living in rural Wales.

Policies on preventing unwanted teenage pregnancy are currently high on the agenda and reducing rates of teenage conception is one of the key priorities for public health outlined in The Welsh Government Sexual Health and Wellbeing Action Plan (WAG, 2011) However, few studies have considered the specific needs of young parents and especially for those who are living in rural and often isolated areas of Wales.

The main aim of this study will look to demonstrate that through engaging in Youth Work activities young parents will receive the support they need to make a successful transition to adulthood.