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Newsline – Consulting with Young People on Sealand Manor, Clwyd

Author: Liam Kealy, Wales Youth Agency 1993

The idea for this project arose from discussions with Alyn and Deeside Community Agency about the nature of the Agency's/Forum's role in empowering young people and developing models of practice for enabling young people to have a voice in their communities.

The aims of the project were to enable young people and the local community to arrive at decisions about the use of Sealand Manor community centre for young people's activities and how young people can contribute to this.   The project was also concerned with broader initiatives which address the interests and concerns of young people in the area.

The Global Dimension in Youth Work: A Conceptual Model

Author: Greg Woolley, George Williams College, London 2011

This specific item explores the 5 key elements or faces of globalisation. It explores the main impacts of these on communities and young people.

Newsline – Accreditation: Celebration of young people’s achievements or means for controlling youth work?

Helen Miller, Wales Youth Agency 2003

Newsline – Young People, Youth Work and Town and Community Councils

Author: Liam Kealy, Wales Youth Agency 1998

The Wales Youth Agency convened two seminars to explore the role of Town and Community Councils in developing services for young people and was enthused by the diversity of provision. It undertook to prepare this briefing document to disseminate information about developments and to enable other Councils to establish their own provision.

Newsline – Young People and Homelessness in Wales: Guidelines for the Youth Service

Author: Liam Kealy, Wales Youth Agency 1998

This paper is intended to provide an overview of the extent of youth homelessness in Wales; give an insight to the experience of homeless young people and importantly give some ideas of how the youth service can become involved in the development of provision and services.

It includes:
• Defining youth homelessness
• The extent and nature of youth homelessness in Wales
• Housing options for young people
• The role of the youth service
• Housing organisations in Wales

Newsline – Disaffected Youth: background research, political recognition and policy development

Author: Howard Williamson, Wales Youth Agency 1999

Newsline – European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) First Stage Report

Author: Barry Doughty, Wales Youth Agency 2000

Exploration of the merits of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) programme for the Youth Service in Wales.

A Community Profile

Author: Darrel Williams 2002
Paper which provides a community profile of a group of young people living in a small South Wales valley community, taking into account statistical information and the views, hopes and aspirations of the young people and key adults.

Addressing problems facing young women today – 15plus group 1988

Author: Treherbert Youth Centre, Mid Glamorgan Youth Service 1988

Report on project to attract older teenage girls and address their concerns. Workshops on Health & Beauty, Family Planning, Rape and Self Defence, and Drugs and Alcohol Abuse were held.

CWVYS Proposal for development grant – Youth Work with Girls and Young Women

Author: CWVYS 1987

Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services proposal to the Welsh Office for a Development Grant for youth work with girls and young women in Wales.