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Youth Work & Schools Partnership Project: Toolkit

Author: Wales Youth Agency 2003

The aim of this tool kit is not to give a comprehensive view of youth work - that can be obtained from other more relevant publications. What you will get is an honest perspective from youth workers in the field on the difficulties and successes of youth work in schools today. The toolkit is specific to youth work that happens in schools and is derived from the knowledge and skills of youth workers who have taken part in the Youth Work and Schools Partnership Programme in Wales. What is does aim to do is to deal with the practical issues of working in a formal education structure or along side it offering an alternative curriculum, based on youth work methods of delivery.

Ymlaen Spring-Summer 1995 – Charter of Entitlement for Young People Resource Pack produced

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1995

Charter of Entitlement for Young People Resource Pack produced. Building the Future - the Wales Youth Agency publication for the new Unitary Authorities recommends that each of the new authorities work with young people to develop services and formulate a charter of entitlement. Young people's existing right to services was strengthened by the Children Act 1992 which places a duty on local authorities to ensure that services are available to support the development of children and young people.

Ymlaen Winter 1995-1996 – Ask a silly question

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1996

Ymlaen Summer 1994 – Dyfed’s Dramatic Successes

Wales Youth Agency 1994

Youth Work defined as a dynamic activity – diagram

Author: NEWI

Diagram showing Youth Work defined as a dynamic activity.

Ymlaen Autumn-Winter 1996 – Copping On

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1996

Synergies between formal and non-formal education: an overview of good practices; 2006

Author: Dada, Mehboob; Lansard, Matthias; Cano, Carolina; Salzano, Carmela

Ymlaen Autumn 1999 – Inclusive Youth Work Practice

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1999

Ymlaen Winter 1995-1996 – Helping the hidden victims

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1996

Ymlaen Winter 1993 – Heard the one about the youth worker and the magical mystery tour?

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1993