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PYOG: Estyn Comments on Youth Service 2004-2012

Author: Principal Youth Officers' Group (PYOG) 2012

This paper has been compiled by the Wales Principal Youth Officers’ Group (PYOG) primarily as a tool for observing themes of good practice as part of a process of improving quality and providing evidence that youth work delivery on the whole has remained at a consistently high standard across this 8 year period.

In the last decade, Estyn’s inspection role with the Youth Service in Wales has evolved from a full and specific inspection of the service to specific feedback as part of a broader inspection of Youth Support Services, to no specific feedback under current arrangements for inspection of local authority education services for children and young people (LAESCYP).

PYOG: The role and value of youth work in current and emerging agendas in Wales

Author: Principal Youth Officers' Group (PYOG) 2015

Autumn 2015 paper from the Principal Youth Officers' Group (PYOG) on the role of youth work in the current policy environment in Wales.

PYOG: The role of Youth Work in youth crime prevention and support in Wales

Author: Principal Youth Officers' Group (PYOG) 2016

YWCSW 2018 – Youth Work in Wales: Principles and Purposes

Author: CWVYS, PYOG & EWC Youth Work Review Group 2018
‘Youth Work in Wales: Principles and Purposes’ has been produced on a collaborative basis by representatives of the voluntary and local authority youth work sectors in Wales and with the Education Workforce Council.

This document has been produced for the managers and trustees of youth organisations, politicians, local authority elected members and officers, practitioners, trainers and people training to be youth workers and youth support workers.

It has also been written for young people, those already involved in youth organisations as well as those wishing to find out more about the kinds of experience youth organisations can provide.