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Process is the Product: Is There a Need for Measurement in Youth Work?

Author: Sean Gallagher and Tony Morgan, University of Ulster 2013

The central tenet of this article is predicated upon a belief that there is a need to link both the formal with the informal/non -formal sectors without at any point compromising the strengths of either. The analysis within this article deconstructs the ideology and philosophy behind the perceived dominance of the formal sector over the informal youth work sector. It suggests that both worlds need not collide but that they can and should work more closely together in the interest of their common denominator, the development of young peoples’ potential. 

We also contend that youth work practice is qualitatively different from teaching and schooling and that the process used in youth work identifies that difference. We also contend that the inchoate nature of the youth work profession is militating against addressing some of these complex issues that are challenging the essential essence of youth work practice.

PYOG: The role and value of youth work in current and emerging agendas in Wales

Author: Principal Youth Officers' Group (PYOG) 2015

Autumn 2015 paper from the Principal Youth Officers' Group (PYOG) on the role of youth work in the current policy environment in Wales.

The role and value of youth work in current and emerging agendas in Wales

Author: Grwp Prif Swyddogion Ieuenctid 2015

Agenda for a Generation – Building Effective Youth Work

Author: UK Youth Work Alliance, 1996

This paper, prepared by a UK-wide alliance of representative youth work bodies, sets out the basis for a fully developed and properly resourced youth policy which the country needs now.



Career Pack e: Part 3

Author: CWVYS &Promo Cymru 2008

Youth work career pack produced for the Welsh Assembly Government by the Council for Wales of Voluntary Services (CWVYS) and Promo Cymru. 

Part 3 contains more detailed background information for youth workers and other professionals, and for young people. This includes information on volunteering, training routes, accreditation, careers, organisations that can help and additional information that a young person might need to help make a decision about whether or not to take up youth work and which career path to take.

Career Pack h: Appendices

Author: CWVYS &Promo Cymru 2008

Youth work career pack produced for the Welsh Assembly Government by the Council for Wales of Voluntary Services (CWVYS) and Promo Cymru. 

The Appendices provide summary versions of the Youth Work Curriculum Statement for Wales, and the Youth Work National Occupational Standards, useful contacts and more information on training, pay scales and organisations engaged in training and workforce development. Information on awards for young people and references are also contained in the appendices.

The contribution of youth work to the Programme for Government in Wales

Author: Youth Work Alliance Wales 2013

This paper seeks specifically to identify the broader Welsh Government (WG) policies and demonstrate where and how youth work does/can make a significant contribution to the achievement of those policies by improving the life chances of young people aged 11-25. It is not the purpose of this paper to identify new areas or scope of operation for youth work, but to highlight the role it currently undertakes, as a specific form of work with young people, in contributing to and complementing WG policy.

The strands that make up Programme for Government consist of the following:

  • Growth and Sustainable Jobs
  • Public Services
  • 21st Century Healthcare
  • Education
  • Supporting People
  • Welsh Homes
  • Safer Communities
  • Equality
  • Tackling Poverty
  • Rural Communities
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Culture & Heritage of Wales 

Towards an Outcomes and Impact Approach for the Youth Sector in Wales

Author: Rob Norris, CWVYS 2013

This paper seeks to provide a conceptual framework for answering two questions raised by the Welsh Government: what does the Welsh Government get for the funding it provides for the youth service (statutory and voluntary) and to what extent does the use of that funding help to achieve key objectives such as reductions in the number of young people not in education, training or employment. 

The National Youth Work Strategy for Wales 2014-2018

Author: Welsh Government 2014

This strategy sets the direction for youth work organisations for the next four years and builds on a consultation exercise undertaken in 2013. The strategy recognises the value and role of open-access youth work provision; promotes a stronger connection between youth work provision and formal education; identifies the need for closer working between statutory and voluntary youth work organisations; and identifies the need to significantly strengthen the evidence base on the impact of youth work across Wales. The Welsh Government, national and local voluntary organisations, as well as local authorities, will need to work together to successfully implement the identified actions and drive youth work forward.

Ymlaen 06 2003


Issue 11 Summer 2003

4 News 
8 The role of the Youth Service in Extending Entitlement - John Rose
12 Sexual health clinic for Wrexham Infoshop
14 Opportunities for international work plus project management training
16 Supervision in action
20 Caerphilly Youth Forum
22 Learning Pathways 14-19 - the voluntary sector contribution 
24 European experience for Welsh youth workers 
26 Staff College and the new QCA Level 4 programme 
28  Tooled up - toolkit for curriculum planning 
29  Dafydd Baker of Chequers