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How has Section 28 of the Local Government Act (1988) Impacted on Youth Work with Young People?

Author: John Bond, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2012

Section 28 of the Local Government Act (1988) was a piece of legislation which was implemented by the Conservative-led Government to prevent the promotion of homosexuality as a pretend family unit. This study set out to explore whether Section 28 impacted on Youth Work with young people, whilst exploring whether this legislation impacted on the practice of youth workers and their youth work colleagues. There has been a huge amount of research and literature into how Section 28 impacted on the Education Services, with little or no research undertaken from a Youth Work perspective.

How Morally Aware is Youth and Community Work?

Author: Dr G. J. Fairbairn, NEWI 1997

Paper which contends that, in coming to age as a profession, the youth and community work service must turn its corporate mind towards questions of ethics that arise in everyday practice. It needs to get to grips with the creation of a Code of Ethics, or a code of conduct as adopted by other  professions such as psychology, social work, medicine and nursing.

How successful is a Caerphilly Learning Pathway Centre from the perspectives of young people, teachers and youth workers?

Author: Lucy Hill, University of South Wales 2018
BA(Hons) Youth & Community Work (Youth Justice) Dissertation.

This small scale research study involves a case study asking a question of whether a Learning Pathway Centre in Caerphilly is seen to be successful based on the perceptions of young people, teachers, and youth workers.

The History of the YMCA in Wales 1852-1972

Author: William Jones Pate